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Ride more, Worry less.

We believe transparency will change the horse industry.

Owners, trainers, vets and farriers should have the same information to make the best choices for the horses we all love. Equine Assistant shares the horses schedule and records with who you want to access and update them. This transparency ensures your horse has the best care and training.

If you believe a transparent horse world is a better horse world signup now to Equine Assistant.

We offer horse owners two options:

Lifetime Subscription

For every lifetime subscription purchased you will have a horse on Equine Assistant. If you sell the horse you can transfer the subscription or keep it for another horse. Purchase as many as you want.

$59.99 (limited quantities)

Standard Subscription

The normal subscription for Equine Assistant

$2.99 per month per horse
First 30 days free

Equine Assistant is a service connecting owners to all the records for their horses. Trainers, managers, vets, farriers and instructors can use the service free of charge for all horses with current subscriptions.